Finding Home: A Creative Journey on a Trip Around the World

Travel Memoir by Vicki Alayne Bradley

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With captivating honesty and a delightful sense of humour and vulnerability, Vicki Alayne Bradley takes us on a deeply personal journey as she aspires toward the creative life she’s been longing for. Desperately wanting a lifestyle change, Vicki and her husband Dean go on a trip of a lifetime and travel to 20 countries around the world including Australia, Cambodia, Jordan, France and Sweden. During this ten-month backpacking adventure Vicki re-discovers her love for the arts, and comes to terms with her own creative anxieties while visiting many galleries, theatres and local artists. This memoir not only guides you along their whirlwind journey, but provides insights on the joys and challenges of long-term travel, and that home can mean much more than simply a place to live.

Now available at Books & Company in Picton, Prince Edward County!

5_Red_Stars smaller“In Finding Home: A Creative Journey on a Trip Around the World, the author, Vicki Alayne Bradley, takes us along on her and her partner’s courageous ten-month back-packing adventure. Well-travelled or not, I am now a witness to juicy travel nuggets sprinkled liberally throughout this newly released book. Finding Home becomes clearly more than a physical trip that many of us have only fantasized about. It is a journey rich with characters from near and far revealing exotic locations, myriad cultures, artisans, visual and culinary arts, self-discovery, trust and loyalty”…Read more
Laurie Fisher

“This is a story that warms your heart, intrigues your brain, twinges your gut and like a “happy” pill, makes you feel good all over. Finding Home is travel like most of us will never experience.”
Garry W. Smith

5_Red_Stars smaller“I loved reading Vicki’s memoir. It was the most heart felt and honest book I’ve read in a long time, and had me laughing out loud several times! This story is truly one of a kind, as it is a glimpse into the personal experiences of the writer on her travels, which gives an even more sentimental and touching experience for the reader. I have to say it kind of reminded me of Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Eat, Pray, Love”, though not from the heart-break perspective, but it has the same true-to-life comical sense of humor because it IS true-to-life. It was inspiring and exciting to read all about someone else’s experiences through a seemingly personal diary of a ‘memoir’, and had me tearing up while I dreamed of how the whole year must have felt, as this dynamic couple traveled to SO MANY DIFFERENT countries in one year, and what on earth they must have gone through personally in their own ways. I love a good story, and this definitely hits the spot!”
Cara Houpt

“To read Vicki Alayne Bradley’s book ‘Finding Home’ is an inside look at the highs and lows of a backpackers adventures on a trip around the world on a shoe string. The narrative is informative and explicit about the wonderful experiences she and her husband had. The highlights of the trip are well written and interesting. The reader gets a realistic account of their travels and no effort is made to cover up the disappointments they encountered. The joys and the fears are well documented, and eventually the homesickness which I found very poignant. This book is a must for any wannabe worldwide traveller on a budget.”
Barbara MacDougall

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  1. While I found the various places that Vicki and Dean visited very interesting in themselves, including some not so nice hostels, what I really liked was Vicki’s willingness to share her vulnerability as she described her emotional and compassionate connections to the new places and people she and Dean encountered. Vicki’s book left me with a warm feeling about not only her travel events but with her full experience of life and the search for meaning through different kinds of creativity and art. Vicki’s reflections on her trip led her to volunteer and then work at Ten Thousand Villages, enjoying the art in the store along with making a commitment to support the work of artists and craftspeople from all over the world. I think she has truly ‘found home’.


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